Hi, I’m Jeremy Heno. I am a passionate designer specialising in interaction. After gaining experience in Montreal, Shenzhen, New York and Paris at Area17, I’m now living and working in London as a UX Designer for Ostmodern.

My work as a designer involves the shaping of 5 key dimensions; words, aesthetics, space, time and behaviour. I believe that great design is primarily about human behaviour, and adapting the technology to meet the needs of the people. As an Interaction Designer, I spend my time working around concepts & product strategy, information architecture, user flows & scenarios, wireframes, prototypes, user testing and visual design.

More recently I have been focussed on experimenting with the possibilities of VR and AR. Working on such an array of project phases requires a collaborative approach, working closely with teams of analysts, designers, and engineers, alongside the many other disciplines within the digital industry.

Over the past few years I worked for clients such as BBC, Olympic Games, Vodafone, Landor, Scientific American, Harvard Art Museum, Eurosport, Engadget, Aparium, Arre, Europcar, Skylark and more.