Jeremy Heno

UX/UI Designer | Information Architecture
Worked at Area 17

Solve problems, through thoughtful ideas that translate into designs for various supports, keeping in mind the user, to create adaptive experiences.



Landor Associates is a global brand consulting firm, founded in 1941, based in 18 countries with 28 offices, they designed brands such as Fedex, Citroën or BMW.

Redesign the existing Landor website.

Introduce the brand as a partner with a surprising, differentiated point of view. Organize the website strucure and navigation hierarchies. Simplify the content presentation, and sustain engagement with elevated narratives and contextual sensitivity and usability.

Content strategy, sitemap, userflows, information architecture and wireframing.

The homepage is presented as dynamic and agile perspective — in how content shifts, is refreshed, curated, and displayed.

Menu, work and news on the homepage.

Adopt a user-first mentality, simplified to make content easily findable and installing a intuitive hierarchy. Enriching case studies, by harnessing focused content, we do more with less.

Redesign the existing Landor website.

Redesign the existing Landor website.


Nikhil Mitter | Creative Director
Dante Iniguez | Art Director
Natalie Berg | Producer
Jeremy Heno | Information architecture, UX, Prototyping