Jeremy Heno

UX/UI Designer | Information Architecture
Worked at Area 17

Solve problems, through thoughtful ideas that translate into designs for various supports, keeping in mind the user, to create adaptive experiences.


The Hill

The Hill is a non-partisan American political newspaper published in Washington, focusing on the intersection of politics, policy, business and international relations.

Re-designing The Hill mobile website.

Introduce a clear, streamlined information architecture, that is user friendly and scalable. Avoid redundant content and consolidate storylines into mobile-centric scenarios and user journeys.

Userflows, information architecture and wireframing.

Contextual navigation .

Art Direction, mobile website.

Art Direction, mobile website.


Nikhil Mitter | Creative Director
Jong Lee | Art Director
Cherif Zouen | Producer
Jeremy Heno | Information architecture, UX, Prototyping